Do you charge per label?

No. There is no price per label at Smart Send. Your subscription determines which features you have access to but you will never be charged per label.

Can I buy shipping from Smart Send?

No. Smart Send only provides the integration between you and your carrier. Smart Send does not sell either freight or shipping labels.

Can I use multiple carriers?

Yes. You can easily enter and use several shipping companies for the same webshop. Login to your Smart Send account and select Carrier Accounts in the menu in the top right corner. Here you can connect all your carriers.

Which e-commerce platform do you support?

We currently have plug and play integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Magento 1. If you do not have one of these CMS systems then you can connect through our Rest API.

How do I get a carrier agreement?

Contact the carrier directly to get an agreement.

See more info here

Can I delete shipments

It is not possbile to delete shipments in the Smart Send system once a label is booked.

The booking data is sent immediately to the carriers and hence we canoot delete it afterwards. Note however that usually only actually shipped packages are invoiced by the carrier, so unused labels you have booked will not cost you anything.

NOTE If you have booked an Ad hoc pickup, you need to cancel the pickup separately with the carrier.


You can add a VOEC customs number on your Smart Send user under Customs. The customs numbers are specified for one team/website at a time. If you have several websites added on your Smart Send user, you need to add the customs numbers for each.

Add your customs number here

I cannot see my booking on the carriers website

There can be a delay from we send the data to the carrier until it appear on their website/system.

If you still cannot see the bookings after some time, contact our support.

Name / address is too long

Each carrier has their own accepted length of both receivers name and street address.

Smart Send will show you a message if the input does not match the carriers specific rules. Please adjust the order and then book the label again.

Text does not fit the label

The labels are created by the carriers themselves, Smart Send only handles the data transfer to the carrier and has no control over the layout of the label itself.

This means the carriers decide what is the correct amount of text and how to print it on the label.

Can I change my email?

All information about your user/team be updated in our system [here](https://app.smartsend.io/settings].

Smart Send cannot change your loggon information once you have added personal information, created labels etc. You can always change your password by using the (forgot password)[https://app.smartsend.io/forgot-password]

How do I create a subscription

You can create a subscription either by clicking the Signup now button in the top of your screen or through the (Billing section)(https://app.smartsend.io/billing) from the menu when looged into our system.

How do I change my subscription

You can change the subscription the same place as you create it - (Billing section)(https://app.smartsend.io/billing)

Simply click change subscription and choose the new one.

How do I cancel my subscription

You can cancel your subscription the same place as you created it. (Billing section)(https://app.smartsend.io/billing)

Simply click cancel on the subscription page.

You will have access to all our the paid features for the remaining time of your current subscription periode. Once the subscription period is over you will lose access.

Can I export my shipments

Yes. You can export your shipments from the Shipments tab. Press the arrow from next to export and chose Excel.