Do you charge per label?

No. There is no price per label at Smart Send. Your subscription determines which features you have access to but you will never be charged per label.

Can I buy shipping from Smart Send?

No. Smart Send only provides the integration between you and your carrier. Smart Send does not sell either freight or shipping labels.

Can I use multiple carriers?

Yes. You can easily enter and use several shipping companies for the same webshop. Login to your Smart Send account and select Carrier Accounts in the menu in the top right corner. Here you can connect all your carriers.

Which e-commerce platform do you support?

We currently have plug and play integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Magento 1. If you do not have one of these CMS systems then you can connect through our Rest API.

How do I get a carrier agreement?

Contact the carrier directly to get an agreement.

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