We offer both a free version and several paid versions of our application. It probably comes as no surprice that our paid subscriptions includes more features than the free version. See our billing page here

  • Time required: 5 minutes ⏰
  • Requirements: Please create an account before proceeding with the billing.

{info} No credit card is needed up front and a newly created account has 30 days free trial with no strings attached 👍


We provide a generous 30 days free trial for all new accounts. This means that you can try out our features unlimited without any commitment for 30 days, without even entering your credit card information.

Once the trial period is over then your account is automatically continues on the free version. You can always upgrade to a paid plan at any time during the trial periode or once the trial is over. The paid plan starts immediately after choosing it.


We offer different subscription plans depending on your needs and you can chose to commit either monthly or yearly which comes with a 40% discount when choosing yearly payment. The plans, the features included in each plan and the prices can always be seen on our website.

See our plans and features:

Create a subscription

Head over to our billing section by clicking the menu in the top right corner.

Next step is to choose a plan that suits your needs. If your wish to see a full list of which features are included in each plan, see our pricing page on our public website:

When you have found the suitable plan, you can choose between monthly or yearly payment.

{info} The yearly payment will add up to a discount of ~40%, compared to paying monthly.

To finalize your subscription you only need to add your payment details. See the Payment section below.


When you have selected your preferred billing period and plan you need to add your payment details and complete with 3D secure payment confirmation. The required informations are:

  • Card details. Must be a valid international card like Visa og Mastercard.
  • Country
  • Your local company registration number with your country credentials infront. Eg DK12345678
  • Company street address and number
  • City
  • Postal Code

Payment details

Change subscription plan

If you are already subscribed on a plan and wish to change to another plan you can easily do so by logging in to our webapp and go to the billing page here or by the menu in the top right corner. You will only be charged the price difference between the two plans and the upgrade will be instant.

Change subscription

Choose new subscription plan

Cancel a subscription

You can easily cancel your subscription the same place you created it. It is only possible to cancel the subscription through your own login to our webapp. It is not possible to cancel your subscription by contacting our support by mail or phone. Once logged on you can find the billing page here or by the menu ni the top right corner. Simply choose cancel to end your subscription. Your account will have access to all the features in your subscription, for the remaining time of your subscription. When the subscription period ends your account will not be renewed.

Download receipts

It is possible to provide a an extra email address that will receive a copy of the receipt for each payment. This can be done in the billing page here or by the menu in the top right corner. It is also possible to download old receipts from the same page.

Download receipts