Pick-up Points


  • Time required: 2 minutes ⏰
  • Requirements: An agreement with your chosen carrier

Delivery to the customers closest pickup point is the most popular, most flexible and often the cheapest shipping method.

This page will explain how it works and how to set it up.

How it works

With Smart Send you can set up the method Select Pick-up point on your webshop and let your customers choose where the parcel should be delivered during checkout. The customer will be presented with the pick-up points closest to their address.

If you create manual labels you will be asked to choose a pick-up point during the label creation.

{info} The pick-up points are found by geocoding the entered shipping address, so results will vary based on the entered shipping address.

Ready for pickup

The customer will receive en email and/or SMS when the parcel is ready for pickup at their selected pick-up point. Then can then pick up the parcel at their convenience.

{info} Note that some carriers might redirect the parcel to another pick-up point if there is no availability at the selected pick-up point.

Setup pick-up points on your webshop

To be able to offer pick-up points directly on your webshop you need one of our paid subscription.

See our setup guides for your specific webshop below: