Using Smart Send then it is possible to integrate your webshop with DAO making it possible to show DAO pick-up points directly on the checkout page and booking of DAO shipments directly from the webshop.

This guide will help you connect a DAO account with a Smart Send account.

Connect to DAO

{info} Don't have a Smart Send account yet? Go to https://app.smartsend.io/register to create a new account. After registration, you will be guided through the onboarding process, which includes connecting to a carrier like DAO.

To connect your Smart Send account with DAO, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Smart Send account at https://app.smartsend.io
  2. Click on your website name at the top right corner.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Carrier Accounts.
  4. Click on Connect next to DAO.

Shipping Methods

Smart Send supports various shipping methods from DAO but the names of these methods in the integrations can be different from the carrier's.

In the first column you can see the name in the Smart Send integration. In the second column you can see which shipping method that corresponds to from the carrier. Third column is whether you have to hand in the parcels yourself or DAO is picking them up. Last column is DAOs technical name for the shipping method in their API documentation.

{info} Example: Choosing the shipping method Select pick-up point (ParcelShop) in the plugin (column 1): The package will be sent as daoSHOP (see column 2)

Method name in Smart Send plugin (EN) DAOs name for shipping method Pick-up or Hand-in DAOs name for the method in their backend
DAO: Select pick-up point (ParcelShop) daoSHOP Picked up by DAO DAO Pakkeshop-ordre
DAO: Closest pick-up point (ParcelShop) daoSHOP Picked up by DAO DAO Pakkeshop-ordre
DAO: Leave at door (Direct) daoHOME Picked up by DAO DAO Direkte-ordre
DAO: From pick-up point to pick-up point (Shop2Shop) daoSHOP Hand in to a DAO shop DAO C2C Pakkeshop-ordre
DAO: From pick-up point to doorstep (ParcelShop to Direct) daoHOME Hand in to a DAO shop DAO Pakkeshop til DAO Direkte-ordre
DAO: Global daoGLOBAL Either daoGLOBAL
DAO: Return from Pick-up Point (ParcelShop Return) Hand in to a DAO shop DAO Pakkeshop-returordre

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